Most sources have bitrates that are too much for the processor to handle when decoding, and I barely broke over FPS throughout my video collection. A few weeks after initial publication of this review, we got the MSI Wind back and installed a new Web surfing script that visits a series of popular Web sites with the browser cache turned off. Build quality is excellent, and reminds me very much of the HP Mini-Note. No, create an account now. Similar to the white ASUS Eee PC, this system’s lid features a low-luster finish that we are happy to report is resistant to fingerprint smudges. Galahad , Jul 17, This is unacceptable for a travel companion device.

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Notdbook great aspect of the Wind is nothing appears “look at me” flashy, making it very appealing to business professionals, as well as children and teenagers alike.

I don’t know how she manages to break this thing all the time Try to press FN key together with F6 to makes the webcam works.

The system easily fit in an oversized msi wind notebook wireless and slim briefcase. The quality of the plastics used is top notch, and most thick enough to prevent flex even under a firm wirelesd.

News, Reviews, and Tips. Unfortunately, the call isn’t toll-free. Posted by jimandally on Dec 25, I have tried reboots but still has that problem.

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The system booted in a quick 34 seconds see for your yourself below and packs plenty more space than a solid state drive would for files and applications. My WiFi connection to my router keeps dropping. S and other countries. The Wind NB’s The clicking noise could probably best be described as a Microsoft Intellimouse clicking inside a sock. On the flip side, the screen does have the infamous sparkly texture to it giving solid colors a dirty look, and on high backlight msi wind notebook wireless you can see some backlight bleed and almost make out each individual LED.


Limited or no connectivity – wireless internet problem Dec 12, Or if you are a msi wind notebook wireless more ambitious you could try the Intelwhich is bascially the same, except it also has Draft-N, but as yet no one I know has tried one in the Wind.

MSI Wind Wireless issues | NotebookReview

Regular P video played just fine, so all hope was not lost. Currently only the 3-cell battery version of the MSI Wind is shipping, and I would barely wirfless the Wind travel friendly because of it. As far as touchpads go, the sensitivity msi wind notebook wireless great, letting you slide your finger along without excessive pressure for perfect tracking.

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How can this be resolved. The microphone, which is located to the right of the webcam, msi wind notebook wireless up a bit of background noise, and our caller complained about not being able to hear us; plugging in a headset iwreless the problem–we spoke to a contact across the country for 20 minutes without a hiccup. I think that’s probably what I will end up doing because I’ve already spent too many hours trying to figure it out.

Wewere unableto run Mobile Mark withWi-Fion, but in untimed, casual use while writing this review, our reviewer noted that msi wind notebook wireless mssi lasted “well overfour hours.


MSI Wind Review

The headphone jack provides a great alternative though and comes highly recommended. I’m running Virus scans now just in case, wirelesd it looks like the settings for the wireless card are just messed up. We wouldn’t recommend the Wind NB for 3D gamers, but this mini-notebook’s graphics performance is certainly msi wind notebook wireless than the competition.

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MSI Wind U100, no wireless connectivity

Sorry this description kinda sucks – I don’t have the laptop with me right now. When the system is msi wind notebook wireless off its battery, nitebook TurboDrive reduces the CPU’s clock speed around 50 percent and dims the screen to extend battery life; the CPU clocked in at 1. A few weeks after initial publication of this review, we got the MSI Wind back and installed a new Web surfing script that visits a series of popular Web sites with the browser cache turned off. I can sit right next to the access wirelews with my other laptop, and see 5 wireless networks, and the MSI Wind, doesn’t see a one.

The mouse button, a single bar that serves as a left and right click control, is also less than ideal. Your msi wind notebook wireless or email address: The total weight added with the battery is not more than 1 kilogram, making the U very ideal for taking it on the go.