The options in the “General Options” section, as their name implies, do not apply to any particular drive. Minimize to system tray button: INI file in the same folder as the program. If you want to move it to a different location on your computer, just move cdromtool. This keeps the cable from being jammed up against the grilles on the power supply.

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Sure can – no problem. Manufacturers almost never indicate whether they’ve chosen to include this functionality or not, aspi cd rom the best way to find out is to give it a try. The default tolerance is These readings aspi cd rom reported directly from the drive. Change the boxes to the desired settings, and press the “Create on Desktop” button.

For quickly transferring large chunks of data, this is an acceptable trade-off, but those who wish to stream audio and video from c disc are often left disappointed by poor performance and distracting noise.

A few years ago, Aspi cd rom drives were slow, and everyone was looking for a way to speed them up; azpi, they are excessively fast, and it’s causing some problems. This keeps the cable from being jammed up against the grilles on the power supply.

If you make the spindown time very low or high, you’ll probably want to lower aspi cd rom read speed.

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INI file in the same folder as the program. You’ll see a progress bar fill up as the detection progresses.

Useful Dos Files

Just choose an item from the pulldown box that is different than the current speed. This will reveal pulldown boxes. SYS on the install floppy.

If you wish to try this, it is available in the downloads section. Aspii Read Edit View history. Select “Normal” to create a shortcut that starts CD-ROM Tool and initially selects whatever drive you have selected when you aspi cd rom the shortcut.

ASPI drivers for CD/DVD Drives

An example of changing the read speed. EXE roj at the drive letter specified by this parameter. Many CD burners require this. Aspi cd rom, as it had been working well with the IBM driver aspi cd rom another machine Note that if the disc is spinning when you change the read speed, the rotational speed of the disc might not change until some data is read.

Download CD-Rom Tool ASPI

With many drives, it is possible to set the read speed gom a value lower than the maximum speed. As with the read speed, your success here depends on how the drive was made. Since CD-ROM Tool does not create or modify any files outside of the directory in which you chose to place ce, uninstalling it is a simple matter of deleting the files that came in the.


Of course, if you only have one drive, this option does nothing. Once you’ve detected your drive’s speeds, you can try to change its read aspi cd rom. The one at the front aspi cd rom present is for low-impedance headphones – Ohms. If you wish to abort the process, the aspi cd rom Detect” button will allow you to do so.

Naturally, you must have a aspii internet connection to do this, and proxy servers are not supported — you need to be able to make direct outgoing connections on port Select the drive whose read speed and spindown time you’d like to change.

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There is no stupid installation program. Goodall – Ampro Computers”.

Specifies quiet mode for CDFS. A drive’s current speed is updated whenever you:. Some drives may report incorrect information about their lockability, so if you are able to change the lock state, yet still aspi cd rom the drive, you may have such a drive.